Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tokidoki Unicorno: Ivy!

Here is my first Tokidoki Unicorno custom- Ivy! This piece was inspired by the DC Comics villain, Poison Ivy :D


  1. I am an artist as well I always love to explore new mediums and try new thinqs This Ivy Unicorno is really awesome Jay !I paint as well but lately I have been focusing on Making jewelry I love the sculpting aspect of jewelry and the income is good and there is nothing more gratifying to an artist than selling a piece of art !its sounds materialistic and I swear I would make art whether I am making money or not and have for a longtime .Any way recently acquired a bunch of blank nesting doll sets I traded for a commissioned piece of jewelry ....they have been sitting in my studio if you are interested I would love to share a couple of them with you if you wanna trade something but it is not required your art made me think of them !You can reach me through my blog here on blogger livingoncreamstreet!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I'm in love with the concept, and the leafy wings.. so lovely. Any chance you're selling? :)